Career Opportunities

Want to grow professionally AND as a human being by joining a friendly and dynamic team?

The Koveria Group offers you this long-term opportunity.

Possible career directions:

  1. Ph.D.  Research Engineer assigned to our laboratory, TECH-LAB
  2. Design Engineer to carry out our customers’ projects
  3. Project Managers
  4. Business Experts: e.g. Senior SAP Consultant; FPGA Developer; Deep Learning Expert

Koveria Group’s strength rests in our ability to match the best people to the specific needs of our customers, both technically and on a human level. 

Additionally, we have a long-standing record of high staff retention. This success is a result of a policy of well-being which we cultivate through frequent group activities – that are sometimes out of the ordinary: trips to the far corners of the Earth, hot air ballooning and plentiful challenges with many prizes to be won.

The Koveria Group recruits engineers and PhDs specialized in the following fields:

  • Electronics and embedded systems (software and hardware)
  • Mechanical design (design, calculations)
  • Electromechanical (industrial computing, PLC programming, commissioning)
  • Industrial robots
  • Computer science (C, C ++, Python, C #, Bash, Big Data)
  • Image processing (AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning).
  • FPGA
  • Radio waves
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • SAP
  • Multimedia

Thesis Work and Internships

Target Audience:

  • Computer Engineers
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineers
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science

If you’re interested in our careers and adhere to our values, you can apply right here Contact! 


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