— Aeronautics —

Since 2005, we have been working with aeronautical equipment manufacturers throughout development programmes and during the industrialization phases.

Our technical expertise is utilized in workforce planning, design offices, production engineering and production workshops.

We are also involved in project management: implementing management methods and tools to streamline communications procedures; simplifying the consolidation of project information through dashboards; and capitalizing on know-how.

To foster an environment of operational excellence, we also conduct numerous multilingual video training sessions so that production technicians can become familiar with the often complex manufacturing and assembly procedures.

Armed with a solid background in machine learning and big data, the Koveria Group predicts the next challenge will be to boost growth in the aerospace industry through the development of artificial intelligence.


Defence clients must be at the forefront of technology to be competitive. Our electronics experts play a role in the choice of components and design multilayer PCBs (Altium, PCB connector SOLIDWORKS). They create innovative systems for new-generation products such as stabilized remote weapons stations, grenade launchers, pods, Heads-Up Display / HUD, target detection and tracking.

Our strengths in embedded software and hardware ensure we can support our clients’ research projects by integrating the concepts of real-time data processing and applying machine learning and fast-prototyping methods.

We take part in the 2D / 3D mechanical design phase, such as dimensioning and structural calculations; space requirements for cable runs and component locations; thermal calculations and kinematic systems simulation, as well as in the industrialization phase of product creation.

We perform operational safety analysis (RAMS), ensure technical documentation in compliance with current regulations (MIL-STD, DO-178, DO-254), and contribute to the optimization of component supply methods during the product assembly stage. 

Finally, our talent for communication and marketing enables us to produce promotional films and illustrate the performance of products through educational and thematic video productions (test campaigns, various in-flight and on the ground tests).


Active in automotive equipment manufacturing, the Group provides tailor-made tool design for production workshops and artificial intelligence (deep learning and image processing), particularly for autonomous vehicles.

We are also currently developing test benches for a leader in the tire manufacturing industry.


Our engineers and project managers work together with technology providers to design, configure, test and install secure means of communication in public places such as tunnels, stations, subways, airports and oil platforms.

We work in software engineering, signal processing, networks and IP infrastructures (copper networks, fibre optics and RF technologies), as well as in project management and commissioning.

Multi-sectoral Audiovisual

The result of a merger/acquisition between an audiovisual production company and a subsidiary of the Koveria Group, our multimedia expertise delivers tangible know-how in information dissemination and communication – serving both our own marketing needs and those of our clients. 

Communication and training needs affect all sectors of activity. 

Meticulous and detail-oriented, we produce high-quality professional media using latest-generation equipment (cameras, lighting, sound recording, special effects, video editing, post-production).

Space and Nuclear

Our automation engineers also design electrical cabinets and can be called upon to design handling systems such as cranes, satellite handling and tank cleaning in the nuclear sector.

Services to Industry

Some of our clients design, manufacture, assemble and commission systems installed at other clients’ sites.

In this context, we participate in the product development phases (mechanical design using Autocad, Catia, SOLIDWORKS, PTC / Pro Engineer, and electrical with ePlan) and in commissioning throughout the world.

Some of our senior engineers work internationally to set up automated machine tools (programming of multi-axis robots, control of many APIs / PLCs,  sound expertise in Siemens and Beckhoff PLCs).